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Sabine Stuiver

CMO and Co-Founder at Hydraloop Systems

Sustainable & circular smart home water management by using water twice

On the 23rd of September 2021

From 17H30 to 18H0 (CEST)

The list of cities experiencing water crises continues to grow. Cities like London, Miami, Atlanta and Los Angelos, to name a few are all heading towards 'Day zero'. With the current average water use per day in developed countries being as high as 500 liters in some cities, a key action towards tackling the looming water crisis would be to reduce consumption, positively disrupt urban domestic water use and facilitate circular economy solutions. To reduce, recycle and re-use!

We foresee that it is only a matter of time until all buildings will need to have decentralized water recycling systems, stipulated by (local) governments and building codes.


Therefore we advocate that from now on all new construction should be built 'future proof and recycle ready'. Decentralized water recycling creates a sustainable future, with water for all, by using water twice. To lower water consumption by 45% and retain comfort of living.

Environmental Intelligence

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22 & 23 September 2021
02:00 to 07:15 pm