Confirmed speakers


Michel Frédeau

Managing Director & Senior Partner | Global Leader, Climate & Environment at Boston Consulting Group


Driving the race to net-zero

On the 22nd of September 2021

From 14H10 to 14H50 (CEST)

Despite the many pledges, we are not yet on the right track. We are heading for 2,5 to 3 degrees of warming (at best, as pledges aren't yet translated into action). We need to cut our emissions by 7% a year this decade to halve them by 2030 and not exceed the 1,5 degrees target. At best, we are stabilising this year.

Yet, ambitions are rising and we should welcome them. More and more companies are embarking on the "Race to Zero". Investors are aware and starting to act. Governments are making commitments and presenting action plans, such as the EU's Fit for 55 Program. Even legal actions are being taken.

But many are still underestimating the challenge... which is about completely reshaping the global economy. It also represents a major opportunity. Companies need to reinvent what they will look like in 5-10 years. We are facing a race for sustainable resources: carbon credits, rare earth metals for renewables and hydrolisers, talent, recycled plastics, etc. The current sypply is far from sufficient to meet all the pledges.

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22 & 23 September 2021
02:00 to 07:15 pm