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Julia Terlet

Behavioral Sustainainability Director at Behaven

The psychology of corporate climate change inertia

On the 22nd of September 2021

From 16H50 to 17H20 (CEST)

This year again, climate change failed to reach the top of CEO's list of greatest concerns, according to the 24th PwC Global CEO Survey. Ahead of COP26, only a minority of them are prepared to manage climate change risks.


How can we explain organisations' failure to adjust their strategies in the face of the current climate crisis? The response partly lies in the cognitive biases that influence corporate decision-making. Cognitive biases are mental mechanisms, mostly unconscious, that prevent us from making rational decisions and that influence our capacity to understand, assess and take action against environmental issues. They happen at the individual-level but are also visible at the group-level, leading organisations to make decisions that are sometimes much worse than those of the individuals who compose them.


This talk will explore some of the cognitive biases behind corporate climate change inertia and provide tips and advice to outsmart them

Behavior Change & Leadership

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22 & 23 September 2021
02:00 to 07:15 pm