Confirmed speakers


Chloé Janssens & Isabelle Vanhoutte

Graphic Designer at Henri Lejeune
Journalist at Henri Lejeune

How to: Introduction to the circular economy for beginners

On the 23rd of September 2021

From 17H30 to 18H00 (CEST)

Last year, Isabelle and Chloë published a handbook on circular economy with their sustainable publishing collective Henri Lejeune. The book is an easy introduction to the broad and somewhat confusing concept of circular economy. Using lots of illustrative material (pictures, interviews), the book guides the reader through an ABC of interconnected words that are essential in, and part of circular economy in Flanders today. A is for Autodelen (car sharing), B is for Biobased, C is for Carbon Capture and Usage.


Oh, and the book's design is also an awesome example of circular economy.


Recommended if you want to know more on how to talk about circular economy to non-experts in a practical, inspiring and down to earth way.

CSR & Sustainability / Circular Economy

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22 & 23 September 2021
02:00 to 07:15 pm