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04th edition


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How a changemaker company can help pave the way to climate neutrality.
Brussels - Online
22-23 September 2021

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The Conference

22 & 23 September 2021
02:00 - 07:15 pm (CEST)

Online sessions

Two days of powerful talks that will inspire you to embark on a transformational journey to reach long term competitiveness and climate neutrality.

Innovative sustainable solutions


What are the existing solutions to help your organisation in the "road to Paris"? 

Opportunities and challenges in Environmental Intelligence, CSR & Sustainability, Sustainable Business Transformation


Behavior Change & Leadership


How can we manage and foster climate neutrality?

Best practices of companies that changed their culture and operations in the pursuit of climate neutrality

Collaboration for Transformation


How to pioneer ambitious initiatives in corporate collaboration in the pursuit of net-zero goals?

Networking, Breakout sessions, Panel discussions, Speed datings


Join us on a 360° journey!

Our 360° approach aims to accelerate your sustainable transformation and reach long-term competitiveness and climate neutrality. 

Join us on this journey during this 4th edition of the Green Mind University by experiencing our speakers' adventures through each step of the 360° approach.


Click on the different stages of the 360° approach to access the related speakers and keynotes. 



16H50 - 17H20 (CEST)

17H30 - 18H00 (CEST)

22 sept 2021

Opening Keynote

14H00 - 14H10 (CEST)

Marieke van Winkelen - Country Director at Greenfish The Netherlands

Driving the race to net-zero

Michel Frédeau - Managing Director and Senior Partner | Global Leader, Climate & Environment at Boston Consulting Group

14H10 - 14H40 (CEST)

The use of efficient solutions to meet the climate crisis and do it profitably

Ricardo Flores - Project Coordinator, Expert Programme & Community Solar Impulse Foundation

14H50 - 15H20 (CEST)

Innovative Solutions & Awareness Sessions

Building a better business - Certified B Corporation

Eglantine Eeckhout - Change Facilitator at The Shift

16H10 - 16H40 (CEST)

15H30 - 16H00 (CEST)

An online business and its ecological impact - How can you minimise it?

Moenia Ladhib - Founder at Ecossentials

Opportunities and challenges in different thematics and how it can help your organisation in the "road to Paris".

Empowering sustainability with behavioural science

Philip JordanovCognitive neuropsychologist at Neurofied

17H30 - 18H00 (CEST)

16H50 - 17H20 (CEST)

The psychology of corporate climate change inertia

Julia Terlet Behavioural Sustainability Director at Behaven

What is the impact of renewable energy on the competitiveness of EU companies

Ruud Kempener Policy Officer, Renewables Energy, DG Energy at EU Commission

How transparent sharing of energy can solve greenwashing in your house but also on your favorite events

Pieterjan VerhaeghenCo-Founder and CEO at Bolt Energie

What strategies should be adopted to reduce water consumption in existing buildings?

Grégoire de Hemptinne - COO at Shayp

18H10 - 18H40 (CEST)

Transforming the world’s economy to reward carbon net-negative emissions

Antti Vihavainen - CEO at Puro.earth

Removal of CO2 from the atmosphere

Céline Olesen Business Development and Sales Manager at Climeworks

16H50 - 17H20 (CEST)

17H30 - 18H00 (CEST)

Logistics' environmental footprint, impediments towards sustainability and ways towards mitigation

Eric Ballot Professor, Supply Chain and Logistics at MINES-ParisTech

16H50 - 17H20 (CEST)

Supply Chain Resilience - Creating a long-term competitive advantage

Jessica Peters - Solution Manager CSR & Sustainability at Greenfish

Gerben Van Kranenburg - Senior Advisor Sustainable Procurement at MSW Company

17H30 - 18H00 (CEST)

Green bonds: Debt capital markets and the low carbon transition

Evan Bruner Manager (EMEA), Sustainable Finance Solutions at Sustainalytics

The transformation of Permafungi through collaboration with various partners and crowdfunding

Frederik Lamote - Founder and Director at Growfunding

16H50 - 17H20 (CEST)

17H30 - 18H00 (CEST)

Road to Paris from a bank’s perspective

Yorick Cramer - Sector Manager Industry at Rabobank Group

18H10 - 18H40 (CEST)

Waves of change through beauty and fun

Merijn EveraartsFounder and Owner at Dopper

The future of building

Anton Maertens - Advocacy Manager at BC Materials

How to eliminate (your) industrial residual waste ? From linear to circular economy

Stéphanie Kint - Manager, Strategic Advisory at Greenfish

Quentin Meekers Senior Consultant at Greenfish

16H50 - 17H20 (CEST)

17H30 - 18H00 (CEST)

18H10 - 18H40 (CEST)

Panel Discussions

18H10 - 18H40 (CEST)

Supply Chain Resilience
Closing Keynote

18H45 - 19H15 (CEST)

The Global Footprint Network

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About Greenfish

What do we do?

Greenfish is an engineering and advisory company that drives sustainable business transformation, from strategy to implementation.

We have developed a 360° approach to accelerate our clients’ sustainable transformation and reach long-term competitiveness and climate neutrality. We support them in defining their sustainability ambitions, assessing their footprint and engineering innovative solutions to make their products and services competitive and sustainable.

Business Minded. Sustainability Driven. Let’s accelerate sustainable transformation and shape the world we want, together.

Why launching the Green Mind University?

As a European player in the transition, Greenfish’s environmentally responsible approach plays a decisive role in building a sustainable future. We are absolutely convinced that it is only by gathering our network, fostering knowledge sharing, and working collaboratively in adopting new solutions that we will succeed in collectively achieving our goals.









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This 04th edition ...

What to expect?
  • Share knowledge and provide contrasting views on sustainability

  • Collaborate on the future solutions for a greener tomorrow and take the first steps towards establishing partnerships with a purpose

  • Get insights from visionary entrepreneurs dedicated to sustainability who can share their best practices

  • Get inspired by experts who trigger and drive sustainable engagement

  • Get to know people from your sector who share the same concerns

  • Develop your professional network

Who will attend?

You will meet high-level corporate and investor representatives, entrepreneurs, academics and

other innovation leaders from Europe. With a range of 250 to 350 attendees, all participants are

from different sectors but with a common interest: to gain insights on today’s and tomorrow’s

state-of-the-heart in sustainability and on how to contribute to climate neutrality while

pledging to their own ambitions.


How to participate?

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22 & 23 September 2021
02:00 to 07:15 pm